Direct Detox Spa


60 min



The Art of Massage with Bio Electronic Energy Therapy Combine with Therapeutic Massage. Every masseurs touch is Bio-Energy internal healing. an exciting adaptation of the God of the Hand. Use for centuries to balance your P.H level by detoxing the acid out from your body and leaving more alkaline. No more medicine, shots, pain, and/ or stiffness. Flush toxins, stimulate the nervous system, and as your trigger points and joints are stimulated to release and flushed away acid toxins, leaving you rejuvenated and 10 times better comfortable than regular massage.

Reaction after Treatment

Relaxing and comforting During treatment, Fatigue and sleepiness after treatment.

Lacking of energy and blood supply with possible contamination.
Strongly recommend to improve purity, quality in the blood and increase energy level.

Relaxing, comforting during treatment, but insensitivity, perhaps with no feelings after treatment.

When falling into this category, means that your body contains dampness & wetness in severity.
Suggesting to treat main meridians and collateral channels (as a network of passages).

Pleasantness, comforting, and relaxing before and after treatment.

This means relatively healthy, therefore, timely maintenance is recommended.

Comforting, relaxing during treatment, however, following with increase of pain, discomfort.

This means body contains more and unnecessary acid = pH imbalance.


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