We all wish for flawless skin, but rare are those who do have one. For most of us, this requires some minimal effort!

We all agree that the first step toward a healthy and beautiful skin is a daily beauty routine. But to achieve the desired results, this daily skin care routine needs to be tailored to your skin. Applying products that are not appropriate for your skin type and condition(s) will on the contrary worsen your skin concerns, or may even be the culprit of the very skin issue you are trying to resolve! And to set up a customized, effective skin care routine, you first have to determine your skin type and condition(s).

Skin type: Dry skin

Our skin type (oily, normal or dry) is mostly due to genetics. We are born with our skin type, and apart from major physiological changes(such as hormonal changes), it will stay the same throughout our life.

In contrast to skin type, our skin condition(s) can vary over time, depending on external factors such as climate (temperature, humidity), excessive sun exposure, pollution, diet, medication, stress, etc. Depending on these external conditions, our skin can acquire a new condition and become dehydrated, sensitive, acne-prone, etc.

Skin condition: Sensitive skin and Redness

Determining your skin type and condition(s) may seem easy, but it is not: for instance, many people mistake dehydrated skin for dry skin, or think they have sensitive skin when they are just making it more sensitive by using products that are too harsh for their skin. Only a skin care professional can figure out your skin type and condition(s), and take your skin concerns into account to recommend the textures, formulas, ingredients and products that will work best for your skin, help you meet its specific needs and allow you to achieve the results you wish for.

Your skin is unique. Your skin care should be too! And that’s why G.M. Collin has created Face Facts, an innovative skin diagnostic system designed for the accredited aestheticians to provide their clients with a comprehensive and customized skin analysis, and a targeted treatment program, to help them get the beautiful, healthy-looking skin they all dream of!